Why work in teams?

Minutly has endless advantages. You can be your own boss. Work anytime. From anywhere. It’s the prime opportunity to focus all of your energy on your passion. You can create an ideal work-life balance that your cubicle-residing friends can only dream about.

However, that is only one side of the coin.

On the other side, you are responsible for marketing and business development. It is up to you to create positive relationships with clients, to build the necessary skills to keep up with ever-changing customer needs, and to make sure all the work gets done– all while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction and creating a good reputation for your brand.

Freelancing starts out as a fun and exciting endeavor, but quickly transitions into an overwhelming one-man startup:

  • Being your own boss makes you responsible for everything — from marketing to business development and client relationships
  • Working anytime becomes working all the time
  • Working anywhere becomes working everywhere
  • Working on your passion becomes working on everything, sometimes on the activities that are not of best interest for you or your company
  • The work-life balance falls out of balance

Minutly provides practical solutions to these pitfalls

Divide and conquer

Minutly offer the unique opportunity to divide the responsibilities in an environment where people with diversified skill sets and capabilities come together to work on projects. Each individual contributes according to their own area of expertise while building a career which fosters creativity, continuous development, and sustainable career growth.

Continue with your passion

According to Deloitte’s study, only 13% of the US workforce is passionate about their jobs. The lack of passion is attributed to three main reasons – a sense of instability on the firms putting pressure on individual workers, highly rigid and standardized organizational structures and processes, and risk averse.

By working in a specialized team, you are encouraged to create an environment that works best for your team. Whether you are a designer, architect, developer, or a QA person, you have the ability to focus on your passion or areas of interest. By working as a team, you share responsibilities with others instead of venturing out alone which takes away a lot of the pressure and allows each individual to hone in on their skillset.

Work with friends or people you know

Traditional team building approach brings a group of random people together to achieve a certain goal. It takes time and effort to understand each other and create synergy between team members. Minutly let you build your own team, leveraging your network of friends, family or colleagues. Please see our post on how to form a team. Working with friends not only helps in good times, but also during the difficult times.

Say no to loneliness

As Jyssica Schwartz pointed out in her blog, freelancing can be an incredibly lonely endeavor. Trying to juggle too many things at the same time is not only unrealistic and inefficient, but can be damaging, both physically and psychologically. One of the objectives of Minutly is bringing people together, therefore keeping the mental state of teams and their members well balanced.

Develop specific or diversified skill sets

According to Moore’s law, the computer processing speed is doubling each year, leading to rapid technology changes. This leads to new advancements in technology, programming languages, tools, techniques, frameworks, and processes. The technologies once thought as a futuristic, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning are now becoming reality.

To keep up with these new advancements requires constant focus and continuous development. Working in a team provides a better opportunity to develop the skills either vertically or horizontally. For example, a passionate graphic designer can continue to specialize in graphic design by acquiring new knowledge on the emerging technologies in the graphic design area. Alternatively, a graphic designer may also venture into other areas such as web design or development based on the interest.

Sustainable growth opportunities

One of the greatest benefits of teamwork is leveraging the network and contacts of each team member. Additionally, by satisfying the client needs, you will have the opportunity to earn trust and provide clients with more of your team’s skill. In short, when freelancers come together to tackle projects as a team, jobs are executed with higher levels of efficiency. Each member of the team focuses solely on their unique area of expertise, which eliminates burnout amongst members and ensures that each component of the project is thoroughly heeded to.

Disclaimer: The details provided in this page is for information purpose only. Please use the details at your own discretion. We will continue to interview experts and improve the content  of this page regularly. 

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