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The marketing function of a business focuses on creating brand awareness, generating interest in products or services, and helping through the conversion steps. 

In the past, websites were generally used for informational purposes. Thanks to automation and integration technologies, today’s websites are key digital marketing tools for driving inbound traffic, creating awareness of products or services, generating leads, and helping prospective customers through the conversion process. 

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If you intend to use the website for lead generation, we’ll highlight a few of the most important marketing-focused features in this article.

Landing Page

Landing pages are web pages developed for specific objectives, such as customer personas, calls to action, or customer segments.

Websites typically draw a variety of user types, including prospects, leads, customers, suppliers, etc. Each type of user might be at a different point in the marketing funnel.

Marketing departments use landing pages to direct traffic from various digital channels, offer pertinent information based on the user type, make a call to action, and direct users to the next course of action. 

When landing pages and analytics are combined, it is possible to monitor user journeys from beginning to end, gather KPIs, and derive insightful information.

On-page SEO

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the key digital marketing tools for generating inbound traffic. In order to grow and gain traction, many successful businesses have used SEO channels. A website is the main source of information for SEO channels.

Website optimization is beneficial for both search engines and site visitors. SEO should be incorporated into the website’s design. The first step in SEO is choosing themes, layouts, and content that are optimized for search engines. Every bit of information that enters a website should be taken into account from the perspective of SEO. Is this the right key phrase? Do we use enough keywords? Is this title, meta description, etc., accurate? Do we have the proper tags?

Websites that are SEO-friendly can bring in more visitors, generate leads, and increase sales. Monitoring, evaluating, and making ongoing changes are all possible with Google Analytics.


Copywriting works its magic by engaging with target audiences and convincing visitors to do the desired action, such as completing a purchase or signing up for a subscription.

As face-to-face interactions with clients become less frequent, effective copywriting may foster empathy and establish a personal connection.

Website copy can take many different forms, including the use of appropriate languages, messages, and images, as well as simply demonstrating a sincere desire to assist users in reaching their objectives. The website copy can be aided by a professional copywriter.

Explainer Video 

Gated Content

Gated content is premium material that a site visitor can access only after completing a particular call to action.

The content that is restricted is valuable to the users. Insights into the market, research materials, white papers, or infographics may be included. A lead form, newsletter subscription, survey, or poll could all be used as the call to action.

All traffic results in conversions when it comes to marketing. Conversion can be aided by providing pertinent content and a call to action.

Social Media Links

These days, we communicate with users on a wide range of social media platforms. Social media can increase website traffic while also interacting with users outside of the website.

Include the following social media profiles:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • YouTube
  • TikTok etc.

Add Marketing Chatbots 

Chatbots are automated tools that initiate conversations with visitors, collect information, and provide responses. The tools have grown into powerful tools that can do a lot of work upfront, especially when you’re offline. 

There are several chatbots available that can do a lot of different things. Marketing chatbots focus on creating awareness and promoting products and services. Please click here to see a detailed article on the marketing chatbots. 

If you’re starting new, a generic chatbot can do the work. Ensure the chatbot offers: 

  • Nice welcome message to site visitors 
  • Provide relevant product and service information 
  • Collect contact details 
  • Connect with a live support if needed 

Subscription Form

Create a newsletter signup form so that users can subscribe to our weekly newsletter with ease.

Website Security

Cybersecurity is a growing threat, and many large enterprises suffer from cyber attacks. Modern websites come with several options from digital certifications, two-factor authentication, spam filters, and more. 

The good news is that many hosting providers such as Google, AWS, and Godaddy provide many security filters. Bare minimum, enabling HTTPS would keep the network traffic encrypted, which protects from several known vulnerabilities.

CRM Integration

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A vital tool for bringing inbound traffic to the website is the blog. Additionally, blogs can be used to provide visitors with pertinent information (articles, use cases, etc.) to assist clients with the marketing process.

Google Analytics

If you can’t measure it, you can still improve it, as Peter Drucker famously put it. Regarding marketing, it is absolutely true. It takes work to market, and it is challenging to forecast, gauge, and enhance metrics if we can’t collect data.

Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, MixPanel, and many other tools are readily available on the market. Easy to set up and track from day one, Google Analytics is a great tool. As soon as you open the box, you can start gathering different metrics and insights.

Sales Features

Marketing focuses on assisting clients through the consideration, conversion, and purchasing decision phases of the sales funnel. Sales functions place a strong emphasis on the value proposition, benefits, differentiation, and assisting customers in making quick decisions.

With the development of technology, the roles of marketing and sales are frequently combined, especially in smaller organizations. Although there are still different stages that customers go through, having the right features would make it easier for potential customers to go through each stage and make a purchase.

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